Sunday, July 29, 2012

How google+ can increase your website popularity

Google + Marketing

How google + can increase your website visitors

You have done loads of social media networking account such as twitter, facebook, stumbleupon and so on but if you are not on google+ then you may be missing majorly in social media marketing let start on how google+ works

For an example A visitor visit your website surf some pages which contains lots of information which he can share to his contacts. Sharing can be done via copy and paste of your website link to his or her facebook or twitter account but being in a competitive world this small process is also big. Hence adding a google + button on your website can help with one click sharing by various visitors of your website which will in return generate more traffic to your website.
Kindly make an important note on the +1 button which is showed for signed in users only

Some of the important reason to use Google +1 button on your website is as follows.

  • You can increase the website visitors when someone share your website on their social networking site.
  • Further it increase the popularity of your website.
  • It allows you to have target audience to your website.
  • Further unlike other networking site things shared on Google + will be given more preference by Google in their search engines. So the more +1 your postings or articles get, there are more chances of getting on top of the Google rankings.

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