Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rajesh Khanna Dead - RIP Rajesh Khanna

Oh. . . that's the sad news when I heared about Kaka – Rajesh Khanna is no more – I loved his every act specially the way he use to lower his eyelids while romancing also moving his head behind – Truly Amazing Kaka – We on this blog covered week back about Rajesh Khanna illness – I was thinking he would be alright in few days. I even watched him once at his Carter Road Bunglow – He use to look truly perfect Man. On this blog since the way related topic to Rajesh Khanna is trending on twitter today we came up with some of the unknown facts about Rajesh Khanna –

1.       Real Name – Jatin – he was an Orphan in Punjab – Amritsar – Khanna Family adopted him and Rajesh was born when he showed interest in film industry
2.       Debut movie was Aakhri Khat was one of the best foreign language film at Oscar in 1967.
3.       Many female fans used to write letters with their blood to Kaka.
4.       Apart from Dimple Kapadia he dated Tina Munim now Tina Ambani and Anju Mahendroo
5.       This fact we all know that he was considered as one of the first Super Star in Hindi film industry

Some of the related trend to the death of Rajesh Khanna are as follows :
·         RIP Rajesh Khanna
·         Babu Moshai – his Famous dialogues
·         Amar Prem
·         Kati Patang
·         Aradhana

With the above trends in India you can see that out of 10 Trending topics of Twitter 5 is related to Rajesh Khanna

BBC Entertainment tweeted - RIP Rajesh Khanna Hailed as India’s first super star after 15 consecutive superhits – a record that is still unbroken. Got most of the retweets

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