Sunday, July 15, 2012

How Twitter Background plays an important role?

Internet marketing and advertising is considered as one of the most successful strategies, however it should be noted that it is also considered as complex to handle since Web and internet marketing is a continuous process since the competition is quite higher to remove you from the ranking of a search engine first page in a single day. Also apart from this online users who usually look out for the information and facts about a product or a solutions or even companies they have less benefits on the internet as compared to meeting personally.  These people shed the private contact, touch, as well as possibility to meet up with and find out individuals, services and products in actual life. Because of this it is necessary for your business including internet marketing in order to overcompensate on which their own prospective customers can perform on the internet that are to see, notice, as well as pay attention.

Twitter has considered as one of the most important platform for internet marketers in social media category. Since it allows you to talk with your prospective customer, you can even search your customers who are looking out for specific products and services. Therefore tweeting is first part whereas getting a proper and effective twitter background is another important part which we will be discussing in this post.

Why Twitter Background plays an important role?

Lets first talk about a default background – Since there are many defaults background available on twitter which is been used by many people and companies – A default background on your company twitter page many not be flourishing since it may not give confident to your audience about your products or services.

Apart from this Default background may feel your visitors as careless – so why they should care about what you tweet or about your company. Apart from this a default twitter background may be used by your competitors or many other tweeter users so there is a need to have a Customize twitter background which can boost the confident of your followers or of your customers.

This can be easily achieve with the help of Professionals or designers who can provide you with a customize twitter background. Once you hired a professional its time to decide on the following parts of your Twitter Background

1. Colors in your Twitter background
2. Information to put in your twitter background 

Colors in your twitter background:  One of the most important part of twitter backgrounds is using colors and fonts which will be soothing for the visitor – it is as similar as using color in your banner advertisement so that visitors can easily notice and be on your twitter which can gain more confident of your visitor to follow you. Colors and fonts represent your company image hence using proper colors in your twitter background is important.

Tip: Normally use the same fonts or colors which you have used on your website so that it will be matching. 

Information to put in your twitter background: Making your twitter background interesting is important to gain confidence of your followers or people who will follow you. Adding information in your twitter background is important but cluttering is dull.

Logo – Adding your company Logo either in your twitter profile or in your background will create branding every time visitors are visiting your twitter profile
About – A simple 4 lines about your company and what you do in terms of products or services selling
Email – Adding an email address is another important part so that visitors can make direct inquiries about your product
Website address – This is one of the most important part since website address on your profile will add many advantage one of them will be traffic to your website.
Note: Don’t clutter your twitter background with much information since it may distract your users. 

Short and simple in information will lead to attract a good number of followers or interested customers to your followers list.

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