Thursday, May 3, 2012

Twitter - My Experiences on Followers

After using Twitter for 3 months continuously with 20K+ followers in my list i have seen lots of ups and downs in twitter account. Specially when you have the first 2K limit and as a human being you try to achieve more followers at a time. That's a difficult point when you pray to have atleast 2K followers so that you can move further by following more people but that is again more difficult because the limits of your twitter following ratio goes down

Say for eg :  You initiated with 2K following so here you get more chances where people out of 2000 followers will start following you. But when you complete 2000 followers twitter don't allow you to follow next 2000 followers it will only allow you to have 200 followers which means now the chance and probability of getting more followers has been decrease.

Apart from this there are many other ups and downs when you are trying to get more followers such as the limitations message from twitter - Although its one of the best discipline but i hate that as it just stop me to reach the hill.

You may also find people claiming to have 5000 followers in a day or 10000 followers in a week - One word for them  - That's all fake. I don't say no but that's not real followers. Remember You can't have sales strategy with your twitter account - "what you show is what you sell"

Clarification - If i have 10000 Fake followers who will read my tweets, who will retweet my tweets so be careful on that.

there are lots of other's experience of mine which i will share on this blog

Remember - Be simple, Be powerful and always try to retweet tweet which you like - Give and Take policy


  1. I know what you mean

  2. When I started Twitter, I didn't know anything. Now that I am more savvy, I have learned to cull my follower list. I want my Twitter to be a venue of conversation. I am still very new and learning. Thank you so much for your articles.