Saturday, May 19, 2012

#CIDGems is trending in India

CID one of the best show which i watched its every episode initially, on sony entertainment television CID is trending today on twitter. I loved every case these 6 people handled till date and its one of the longest running show ever.
The best part is there is not a single case unsolved by these CID teams

After watching CID Since 1995 on Sony I came up with 5 points which I noticed
1.       Daya has the world record of breaking most number of doors.
2.       CID bureau has 1 toyota quails which they are driving since last 10 years
3.       In the entire 20 storey building of CID only 6 people work.
4.       There is no police. . . .CID handles every case.
5.       Accused person accepts his crime only after getting a slap from daya on the face.

Ssome of the comic pics on CID

Sony entertainment CID 
ACP Pradyman - from CID 

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