Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Facebook Tips

Facebook – Around the world people are using, its good as I said previously I found many of my lost friends but its bad also in one or another reason. Here we go with best facebook tips today since it is one of the trending topic of twitter, and after going through many tweets I found that people who are on twitter hate facebook.

To be frank I am using facebook but since I started using twitter, I found that twitter is best to gain knowledge and facebook is just to pass your time. In other words, Twitter is for more mature people.

Here are some of the best tips using facebook
  • ·        Don’t use #HashTags – If you are twitter addicted you will use hashtags on facebook posts – It is considered as one of the #SideEffectsofTwitter.
  • ·         Never Tag people un-necessarily – Since we are taking about Tags, it happens to gain likes people tag their friends in un necessary photo which don’t have any connection with that particular person – Remember it is shared on their wall when you tag people – so it may affect their timeline.
  • ·         Playing Games : Since many of the games on facebook is addicted games where you will end up using your valuable time – It is a big NO if you are a professional, since sometime the games you are playing can be shown on your time line and if your boss check that then you might have pain.
  • ·         Don’t write like it at the end of each status – It’s like begging – if you are sharing a good status message then you will get likes automatically. If you are asking for LIKES it means that you are not confident about your own status. Never like your own status also – I hate that.
  • ·         Don’t Share regularly: Sharing personal status regularly will tend people that you don’t have time and you pass your time every day on facebook.
  • ·         A picture speak many thing: I really hate girls photos standing infront of the mirror with a camera – Kindly don’t perform that.
  • ·         And finally specially for girls : Don’t create your facebook Id in the name of Princess – it will not make you

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