Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Holiday Destination - Nainital

#FavHoliday is trending on twitter - This trend reminds me of my Honeymoon visit to nainital - one of the beautiful place of nine (naini) taal (lakes). The beauty of Nainital is the temperature and  the romantic view where you will fall in love with.

How to go there :

I am staying in mumbai so the travell we did was via delhi - and this was suggested by many of my colleagues that nainital is around 400 kms from delhi. There are no direct flights or airport to fly directly to nainital and that's made my journey amazing.

Best Season to visit Nainital:

The temperature of Nainital in summer is maximum 27 °C (81 °F); and minimum its 7 °C (45 °F), Therefore one of the best season to visit Nainital is considered as summer although we went in winter where the temperature was less than 4 degree minimum - that was thrilling.

Places to visit in Nainital  :

I would say if you are planning for 5 days of holiday then nainital is best suitable place to visit although there are many places to visit in the coolness of Nainitaal some of the major places which you can visit :

  • Nainital lakes
  • Naini Devi Temple
  • St. John church
  • Raj Bhavan - Governors House
  • Snow view
  • Naina peak - cheena Peak also known as china peak
  • Tiffin top
  • Jim Corbett National park and much more

Budgets :

It truly depend on how you spend and the accomodations you take with the means of your travell - Around 50,000 Rs is enough for 2 people as per my expenses.

Ok we talked many things about nainital now lets have a look on some of the beauty of Nainitaal.

Talli and malli taal

Himalayas - Photos taken through Telescope
Tiffin Top

National park

Snow view


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