Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ravi Shastri Trending on topic - completing 50 years

I know i am late to wish Ravi shastri - Happy Birthday on completing Half century - I pray for him to complete century - ok century and centuries.

Why i am connected with Ravi shastri is because i am staying in Mahim and may be very few people would know that Ravi shastri played his childhood cricket in Mahim with my uncles - There was also a clinic of his father in Mahim Navjivan society 3 to 4 years back - you might be feeling this statement looks fake but it is real. As told by my uncle that he used to play with them in Mahim.

Ok now let's move from my personal experience and have a look on some more information about Ravi shastri :

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri was born on this day of 1962 was is a former cricketer and a captain. He was an all rounder with his right hand and bowled left arm spin. He played for India for 12 years. Initially he was a bowler to Indian cricket team but later moved in to batting. Ravi shastri family origin is specifically from Bangalore but Ravi shastri was born and bought up in Mumbai.

Lets have a look on some of the beautiful pics of the Man.

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