Thursday, May 17, 2012


#IslamEncourages is again another trending topic around the world.
Following are the tweets my friends, brother and sister speak about the best religion for ManKind - Islam
Being a Muslim i feel lucky that i got a chance to be in Islam and to follow the Sunnah of My beloved Prophet Muhammed S.A.W - who is created by Allah SWT to all ManKind.

#IslamEncourages that 'whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should unite the bond of kinship' [Bukhari]

#IslamEncourages us to forgive people like we want Allah to forgive us.

#IslamEncourages us to be hopeful. All you have to do is trust Allah. :)

#IslamEncourages to live a humble life.

#IslamEncourages Muslims to smile. Even a smile is counted as charity. Something so simple yet so great.

#IslamEncourages to seek forgiveness from Allah of all our sins!

#IslamEncourages to never take anything for granted.. to practice selflessness and to constantly give back to
the community and the poor

#IslamEncourages brotherhood, and sisterhood. Treat one another kindly and justly, respectfully and patiently. Wish well upon them.

#IslamEncourages to gain knowledge, share knowledge but most importantly implement this knowledge! :-)

#IslamEncourages us to correct our mistakes instead of pointing at other people's flaws.

#IslamEncourages us to smile, because it was a practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

#IslamEncourages us to be honest and kind person

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