Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer

Donna summer is a trending topic of twitter also known as LaDonna Adrian Gaines  born on December 31 1948 having a stage name as donna summer who gained tons of fame during disco years of 1970. She was an American songwriter and singer.
She was Grammy Award winner for 5 times. Donna summer was the first artish who’s album reach the number one charts on US Billboard.
Donna summer Died today on May 17, 2012. Reports says that she died in the morning at her home in Florida completing 63 years of age. She was battling with breast and lung cancer.

Some of the hits include:
  1. I Feel Love
  2. Hot Stuff
  3. On the Radio
  4. MacArthur Park
  5. Bad Girls
  6. No More tears
  7. Heaven Knows
  8. Love is in control
Here we go with the images : 

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