Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to remove the non followers on twitter

How to clean your twitter account or how to manage your unfollow people who don’t follow back –

Here we go with another Tip on how to have a clean twitter account by reducing the non followers or inactive following. Your Twitter account is as important since users looks your profile to check how much clean followers you have if you have more ratio of following than your followers it may not create a good impression to follow you.

Lets take an example on how you can remove your non follower on twitter quickly with some tips and tricks: 

You are following people to gain followers. Now  say from 2000 following you got only 1000 follwers and rest 1000 are not following you, which doesn’t make sense to follow since they will not listen to your when you tweet. Or course there may be some followers who you follow deliberately like celebrities or news channels etc. ) Hence its time to unfollow those with some of the tool listed below.

Tweepi : Go to authorize twitter to login from twitter and from there you can see the list of people who are :

  • Following you and you are not following back – Reciprocate
  • People who are not following you but you are following them – Flush the non followers
  • Click on Flush the non followers icon and you will see the list of non followers who are not following you back.  
  • From there you can start unfollowing people who don’t follow back on twitter.

A very essential tip on doing the above process quickly –

Ø  Check the first non follower
Ø  Press control
Ø  Push the down arrow of your keyboard by pressing the control button
Ø  Now push the shift key by holding the control button
Ø  And press Space on your keyboard

You will find in 4 clicks you have selected 40 non followers further you can click the unfollow button or simply push the Tab and Enter – all your non followers will be unfollowed (This may take little time to learn but its very much time saving trick )

You can also use twitter to remove the non followers but that will be time consuming as you have to check every profile of your followers list

Go and test it now on Tweepi .com to flush your non followers

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