Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Benefits of using Bicycle

Bicycle = Kids, Bike = Man, is this statement sounds good, Yes – I would say NO.  People consider bicycle is a toy for kids since it doesn’t look serious and more over it is use to initiate cycling and moving here and there which is good for kids. But In reality Bicycle is considered as one of the serious machine which can help you in maintaining your Body fit and fine.

Cycling is considered as one of the best cardiovascular workouts as you have your own weight on the seat which needs to be pull further by pedaling the cycle. It may sound difficult but it is truly easy as you move and practice more and more.

A good exercise is very important for a human being. I would say we are so much rely on machine and atomization that we have removed buttons from our mobile phones also. Many people are facing issues with their health some of them are diabetes, heart disease and so on. Riding a bicycle will help you to be fine and yes of course you will never leave your childhood memories. – Be healthy Be wealthy – Ride bicycle at least 30 minutes or as an option walk or run if not using bicycle.

Here we go with the Advantages and benefits of using Bicycle on World Environment Day

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