Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to increase your twitter followers for free

How to increase your twitter followers for free

So here is again an interesting topic after so many trending topics we covered on this blog that how to increase your twitter followers for free.
Remember this process is slow and gradual but you are 110% getting follower by applying these tips on increasing twitter followers. Also this method is 100% free you just have to give 15 minutes of your time thrice in a week or if you can give more than it will be good to increase the list of followers quickly.
Also why I am covering this topic is that with these secret of increasing the followers I have gained 27000 followers in my twitter account. Do share this piece of information to your friends and colleagues if you feel these twitter tips is viable.

Let’s start with some of the important things which I noticed while increasing the followers

·         Follow and Gain – You will not get followers until you are a star or a celebrity hence for this you have to start following people on twitter which interest with the topic related to your field.

·         Flush those who don’t follow you – Hmmmm.. . This sounds little harsh but that another rule to have a good list of followers – remove un-necessary followers who don’t follow you.

·         Give and Take - See if you ideally sitting and following people and not interacting then the list of followers may not speed up and your klout score will go down – so start communicating on twitter with quotes, your experiences, for best results tweets related to trending topics will help you to judge your tweets capabilities. Also retweet those tweets which you really like there is no harm.

Now let’s have a look on the trick and tips of increasing the followers but before that kindly make a note on the above 3 points which I shared with you.

Using twitter to increase the list of your followers:

Twitter allows you to follow 2000 people or tweeple initially and until your ration with the following and followers don’t match. Twitter don’t allow you to follow more people.

You can use twitter by start following people which interest you and then after some day see that how many of your following follows you – which in return you can unfollow those who don’t follow you.

You can further start following new people which probably follow you.

Using twitter may be time consuming to have this trick since you may get bored or kill yourself to click each person for follow. Hence there are list of many tools available in the market freely or paid which you can use to increase your followers. Remember the trick remains the same – follow and gain followers.

Tweepi : One of the tool which I am using is Tweepi where you can follow 40 people in just 4 clicks there are no limitations on the following or unfollowing until twitter rules allows.

JustUnfollow : Another tool is which allows you to remove all your non followers quickly but it only allows 100 unfollows a day whereas tweepi allows you to have end number of unfollows everyday : TweeterKarma is again a good tools to unfollow the non followers of your twitter account but most of the time I fail t login with my twitter account may be due to large number of followers.

Manageflitters: I camed across this tool last week which is manageflitters – this is again allows you to unfollow or follow 1000 people in a day but it is quick comparing Tweepi. 

Remember - the above trick is 100% safe for those who has twitter account more than 1 month old - if you have new account then start following few people and then move with a bang. 

Thanks for watching this post - Go Gain and help others by sharing this post 


  1. Do you Explain Why the Businessman Focus Twitter For Marketing Purpose.Reason is That 340 million Tweets per Day share in Twitter Database.Recently News in japan Twitter Beat Facebook User. what is you view about Twitter.

  2. There is a huge difference of Audience
    Facebook you will find that youth are more user where as for twitter you will find mature users + Youth users.
    Another reason is that youth users don't likely use twitter is that being aggressive in post they would love retweets for their tweets - Henceforth as per my experience youth users are very few - if they are then they are because of some favorite celebrity.

    So in general what do you thing a BusinessMan will focus on "The Decision Maker" and on twitter you will find many matured users

    Another reason for having a twitter account is that you have continuous communication where you can understand what people liking - who like what with their tweets via search