Sunday, June 23, 2013

Increase your twitter followers quickly without following

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Twitter followers plays a very important role if you are concentrating more on social media - Gaining more twitter followers is as important as creating a powerful presence on twitter. Example - you are tweeting and connecting with people every day but you don't have good number of followers than your tweets may not be effective.

Many organization use twitter either for the following reasons 

1. Increasing traffic on the website 
2. Promoting Products. 
3. Promotions
4. Sales and affiliate marketing 
5. customer relationship and so on . . .

If you are tweeting for the above 4 reasons than it is necessary to have a good number of followers the reason behind is that your tweets may not be effective

CASE #1 

If your followers are only 200 or 500 which means the actual circulation of your tweets is with less followers which means less traffic, less readers, and less chances 
of promoting your products and services. 


Let's take another example on greater & effective tweets. 

You have a twitter account with more than 50k followers from different parts of the world, Don't you think a single tweet in this case will give more impact on the hits by the vast audience as compare to Case 1.

Increasing twitter followers REAL Followers is a challenging task since you will find there are many companies who promise for 50K followers in 3 days but to be very frank twitter will ban your account if they find 50K followers coming suddenly in 3 days time. 

The fact is that atleast 50K followers should be increased in few days time may be 10 days slowly.

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As discussed My friends that we have stopped the free followers for twitter promotions, which means you have to pay atleast a minimum amount to gain followers from twitter. This is just to support our costs which we will incur on our resources.

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